Accounts Receivable Transformation for Ace Endico

Scanning and managing customer files on the cloud helps a major food distributor deliver the best customer experience possible while improving accounts receivable collection

Ace Endico, a leading food distributor, needed a faster and more efficient way to handle customer billing issues. Employees were spending up to 30 minutes searching for proof-of-delivery documents that were often misfiled or lost. With MetaSource's cloud document management software, Ace Endico personnel are now able to retrieve any proof-of-delivery document directly to their desktop in less than three seconds, allowing billing discrepancies and customer queries to be resolved with one phone call.

Download this case study to learn more about:

  • Improving accounts receivable department productivity
  • Outsourcing the scanning and indexing of proof-of-delivery documents
  • Eliminating document storage costs and part-time clerical staff
  • Eliminating lost or misfiled documents

“MetaSource gives us more efficiency and speed in finding the information we need–it’s right at our fingertips. If there’s a problem or dispute, I can easily find and email the invoice directly to the customer. There’s no more misfiling, we use less filing cabinets and we were able to get rid of two part-time filing employees.” – Michael Endico/Vice President, Ace Endico