Medical Document Management for All Island Gastroenterology & Liver Associates, P.C.

EMR-integrated document management software helps a growing medical practice save space and speed up access to patient files

All Island Gastro (AIG) had filing cabinets, storage shelves, and boxes filling their office. Patient files and hospital-based charts could take hours to retrieve. With MetaSource, AIG is now able to manage more electronic documents, free up space, merge new physician files, and improve productivity. The rolling file storage shelves and walls of filing cabinets were eliminated, clearing space for growth.

Download this case study to learn more about:

  • Using cloud-based document management software for quicker, easier, and remote access to patient files and auxiliary medical documents not in EMR system
  • Outsourcing the scanning and indexing of documents and merging practices' medical files
  • Reallocating space for patient services or move offices

“I thought we would need another full-time employee to handle the increase in administrative tasks, but we don’t. Now we can do the same amount of work with just one part-time employee. PaperVision Enterprise has made our ridiculous records situation far more manageable and much more efficient.” – Michaella Faella/Practice Administrator, All Island Gastroenterology & Liver Associates, P.C.