Digitizing Waste Manifests for Approved Storage & Waste Hauling

Digitized waste manifests allow a medical waste disposal company to deliver records on a dime and provide excellent customer care

Federal mandates require that doctors, dentists and medical facilities dispose of their hazardous and medical waste properly—and keep waste manifests for up to three years to prove it. As their client base continued to grow from 2,500 to over 7,000, Approved Storage needed a better way to store, manage and access these manifests. With MetaSource's cloud document management software, Approved Storage customers are now able to retrieve their own manifests and documents in a self-serve manner.

Download this case study to learn more about:

  • Maintaining a competitive advantage by delivering superior customer service for a growing customer base
  • Using cloud document management software to provide secure storage and immediate sharing of customer waste manifests
  • Outsourcing the scanning and indexing of waste manifests
“Offering online access to manifests allows us to offer the same services as much larger companies and still be able to charge 30% less. It really helps us get in with hospitals and other large facilities—they love that we can streamline and automate the way they access their manifests and provide that access 24/7. We could have never done this 15 years ago when there were no affordable cloud-based document management solutions.” – Charles Dippolito, Jr./Owner, Approved Storage & Waste Hauling