Case Study: Accounts Payable Automation for EōS Fitness

Outsourced Mailroom and Workflow Automation help AP department with growing pains

EōS Fitness, a rapidly growing gym chain, had considerable growing pains, particularly in accounts payable. EōS became burdened by stop payment fees from the bank, late payment fees from their vendors, and an excessive workload due to reissuing checks and manually checking vendor addresses in their ERP system against the invoices. With MetaSource's workflow automation software, EōS was able to save money on late fees, stop payment fees, and AP staff labor.

Download this case study to learn more about:

  • Outsourcing mailroom services for immediate scanning and indexing to expedite invoice processing
  • Using workflow automation so that digitized invoices are distributed, approved, and processed with software that eliminates time-consuming manual steps
  • Integrating workflow software with Oracle, allowing employees to seamlessly correct faulty addresses and eliminate invoicing errors
  • Securely storing documents in the cloud allowing for quick and easy retrieval and sharing

“We stopped the collection calls, and now we’re even pursuing discounted terms from our vendors. That’s all based on our new ability to pay on time, even with all of our new addresses and vendors. Based solely on those discounts, we estimate to save $70,000 in our first year.” – Anton Akilov/Accounting Manager, EōS Fitness