Case Study: Accounts Payable Automation for a Major Hospital

Automation and a digital mailroom streamline a major hospital’s accounts payable department

This medical center acquired several hospitals throughout the U.S., each with its own accounts payable department. These acquisitions meant the medical center was dealing with over 30,000 invoices every month and struggling to process and pay invoices accurately and on time. To handle the increased AP workload, they needed a more efficient invoice processing system.

By partnering with MetaSource, this healthcare network was able to accomplish the following goals:

  • Eliminate paper with digital mailroom scanning services
  • Process electronic invoices upon receipt with email processing services
  • More accurately key data directly into accounting software for faster payment

“I have enjoyed working with MetaSource over the years and feel we made some great progress in advancing the AP operations area at the medical center. I appreciate the support and readiness to work together you both displayed.” – Major metropolitan hospital system