Case Study: HR Employee Record Scanning & Management for The New York Foundling

Centralized HR records help a non-profit comply with intensive auditing

With over 1,700 employees and counting, maintaining an organized file structure with a paper filing system and limited space had become impossible to manage efficiently for The New York Foundling. They turned to MetaSource for help digitizing, storing, and managing over 9,000 of terminated employee files as well as 1,700 current employee files.

Download this case study to learn more about:

  • Faster and easier access to digitized HR files, even remotely
  • Significantly improved audit response times
  • Flexibility to relocate to a smaller space thanks to improved file organization
  • Simpler and more organized filing structure hosted securely in the cloud

“It cuts down so much time when it comes to searching. It is such a simple process.” – Melissa Caba/HR Associate, New York Foundling