Case Study: How TitleVest Saved $330,000 per Year by Scanning Their Documents

Scanning, indexing, and backing up title files helps a title insurance company keep up their outstanding customer support through a period of rapid growth

A downside of explosive growth can be an explosion in paperwork that, if not proactively managed, increases the risk of unnecessary costs, employee inefficiency, and weak customer service. TitleVest sought a way to manage their dramatically increasing title search document volume. By using MetaSource’s offsite document scanning services, TitleVest has found the way to optimize their post-closing process and now saves approximately $330,000 per year as a result.

Download this case study to learn more about:

  • Outsourcing the scanning and indexing of closed title files
  • Gaining immediate access to closed title search documents 
  • Improving response time to customer requests and questions

“When we get a call from the client, it’s not just the pleasure of solving their issue then and there (they expect it to take a few days), but we don’t have to hang up the phone and have a whole series of tasks we have to do, saving each employee 15-20 minutes per request at least a few times a day, across our client-facing employees.” – Brian Tormey/COO & Executive VP, TitleVest