How to Streamline Mortgage Origination with Automation

Today’s mortgage borrowers demand ease of use, transparency and faster speed-to-close. Failing to keep up means unhappy borrowers and lost business. This has led to an influx of borrower facing technology. On the surface, these point of sale (POS) platforms appear to be fully automated, but they are typically not integrated with loan origination software (LOS).

This whitepaper discusses how deploying automation throughout the entire loan origination process eliminates the need for knowledge workers to look at the same documentation repeatedly throughout various loan life cycle stages. Removing repetition and improving accuracy increases speed-to-close, overall profit margins, and borrowers satisfaction.

“We mistake fauxtomation for the real thing, reinforcing the illusion that machines are smarter than they really are.”

— Astra Taylor in her Logic Magazine article, The Automation Charade